Dodging the Magic Bullet

[Or: Focusing (Instead) on the Nine Life-Saving Interventions Undertaken by Hundreds of Cancer Survivors]

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Desperate Thrist for a Cure

“Magic bullet” was a phrase popularized by the German physician and scientist, Paul Ehrlich, and he used it to refer to a therapeutic agent that selectively targeted and killed only the disease-causing organism for which it was designed.

In the context of this article, “magic bullet” is a metaphor for an herb or supplement that, by itself, could rid one’s body of cancer. It seems that, especially when faced with a life-threatening disease, that our human tendency to take the “path of least resistance” asserts itself in the form of a desperate search for that one elixir that will heal us. Precious time can be lost in what will eventually prove to be a fatal pursuit of first one solution then another.

(I thought it important to mention that the “magic bullet” mindset, while imperative to resist, is very different from intuition, which should not be resisted, as we shall later see.)

One’s energy should be focused, not on finding a “magic bullet”, but on implementing the body, mind, and spirit interventions that have helped deliver hundreds of cancer sufferers to a state of remission. These steps to healing may not be easy—it may involve uncharacteristic dietary or spiritual routines or even moving to a different part of the country. Yet, you may discover that the life you save was always meant to travel this new path.




Radical Remission: Doctor Kelly Turner’s phrase for the subsidence of the symptoms of cancer in the absence of conventional medicine, or after conventional medicine has failed.

When Dr. Turner asked those who had experienced a Radical Remission why they thought they were successful in ridding their body of cancer, almost every single one said, “Dr. Turner, you are the first person (in the medical research field) to ask me what I did to heal.”

After analyzing over a thousand cases of Radical Remission and finding common threads, Dr. Turner selected the nine most prevalent and key factors. Almost every one she studied used at least eight, if not all nine, of these key healing interventions. And, according to her analytical results, all nine are equally important; “they all came up equally frequently”:

Radically Changing Your Diet
The majority of the people she studied all tended to make the same four dietary changes. They are:

  • Greatly increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables,
  • Greatly reducing or eliminating their intake of meat, wheat, sweets (and other sources of added sugar), dairy products, and refined foods,
  • Drinking plenty of filtered water,
  • Making sure everything they were eating was organic, if possible.

Taking Control of Your Health
Dr. Turner learned that this step involves three components, all essential for the healing process:

1) Taking an active (versus passive) role in your health. This includes personal research into your disease, which will likely impel you to challenge your doctor’s orders.

2) Being willing to make changes in your life that are essential for healing, even though they be time consuming or emotionally difficult.

3) Being able to deal with resistance from others, which includes “having the backbone” to stand up to the criticism from family members and conventional medical professionals. That criticism may take the form of constant urgings to proceed with conventional treatments, or, astonishingly, attempting to convince you that you are going to die!
[Editor’s Note: We must continue to believe that we will rid our body of cancer. We must have the courage to “stay the course” of healing as revealed by our own personal study, our “gut feeling”, and Dr. Turner’s analyses.]

Following Your Intuition
Survivor after survivor would mention that they just had a feeling, or a dream, and they just knew deep down that what they needed to change was… Interestingly, everyone seemed to have a different change that they needed to make a priority. For example, they needed to leave their job, they needed to change their diet, or they needed to leave their marriage. It was different for each person, but their intuition was telling them to focus on that thing first, before undertaking other lifestyle changes.

Dr. Turner shared an example of an interview with a Radical-Remission survivor: “You’re going to think I’m crazy, Dr. Turner, but I just had this feeling that I had to move to the ocean!”*
[* Editor’s note: my late wife and I did not heed her intuition that warned her to move to the ocean. Please do not make the same mistake.]

Dr. Turner looked for a scientific explanation for why heeding and acting on our intuition might help our bodies heal cancer. Studies, she found, have shown that intuition involves the “reptilian” (oldest segment in the back) or instinctual part of the brain that senses danger. When danger (like a cancer diagnosis) is sensed, that part of the brain becomes active and starts sending you signals about what you need to change. Changes that improve your nutritional intake, or lower stress, bolster your immune system.

Dr. Turner: “The more that your stress levels are down and your emotional world is calm and happy, the stronger your immune system will be. We know that scientifically.”

Using Herbs and Supplements
Dr. Turner: “People are always asking me, ’What was the herb? What did they take? Tell me what that magic bullet is.’”

The unfortunate answer is that individuals in the Radical-Remission group took lots of different herbs and supplements. But, very importantly, they primarily focused on their diet and lifestyle and built upon that foundation with herbs and supplements. There were, however, similarities in the types of supplements:

1) Herbs and supplements that help detoxify your body—anything that’s going to help eliminate underlying bacterial, viral, and fungal infections or parasites.

2) Herbs and supplements that help you digest your food—digestive enzymes and probiotics will help your body to break down your food and get as many nutrients as you can.

3) Herbs and supplements that help you boost your immune system—some examples that were mentioned are vitamin C, vitamin D, aloe vera, and mushrooms.

Releasing Suppressed Emotions
“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” – Mark Twain

Expecting primarily physical regimens, Dr. Turner was surprised to hear, in interview after interview, Radical Remissionists sharing their experiences with their mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

In her book, in this chapter, Dr. Turner explores why suppressed emotions (especially stress and fear) are harmful and discusses methods used to manage emotions, thus freeing us from their harmful effects.

Increasing Positive Emotions

Embracing Social Support

Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Having Strong Reasons for Living

Quotes from this section of the book:

“Simply knowing that a person with stage 4 cancer can become cancer-free without using chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery always leaves me in awe of the body’s incredible healing potential.”

“…all the subjects in this book used sometimes eight, all nine, or even more factors in their healing process. It was never just one factor that helped these people get well.”

“…the state of an individual’s body-mind-spirit system plays a pivotal role in whether or not toxins get removed from the body speedily, viruses and bacteria are allowed to take root, genes mutate, or cells break down. The state of the body-mind-spirit system is strongly affected by physical behaviors…mental and emotional behaviors…and spiritual behaviors (e.g., whether we feel connected to a deeper source of love, stop our thoughts and relax on a deep level on a regular basis))…I believe one of the best things we can do is make our body-mind-spirit systems as strong as possible, so we can turn on our bodies’ own incredible self-healing capabilities.”

“… none of them (the nine key factors) is rare, hard to access, or prohibitively expensive…they have all been shown to promote health in scientific studies…they are things you can focus on regardless of whether you
• are trying to prevent cancer,
• have cancer currently and are using Western medicine,
• have cancer currently and have chosen not to use Western medicine, or
• are trying to prevent a cancer recurrence.”

“Radical Remission survivors constantly remind me that no two people on this planet are the same…Some people need to focus more on their diets…on releasing anger…on taking control of their healing…on detoxifying their bodies…on all these things equally…everything depends on which particular factors your unique body needs for healing.”

“…Radical Remissions have been documented for almost every type of cancer. These are not anecdotes; they are facts.”

“Another thing that inspires me about Radical Remission survivors is how transformational their experiences are for them. Almost all of them say that going through their Radical Remission journey is something they would never take back, since it has led them to transform their lives in such wonderful, health-giving, and loving ways…the end result is something they now cherish deeply.”




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