Pacemaker-Less Livin’ – No Fibbin’

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Atrial fibrillation is, as they say, “no picnic”. I felt the palpitations and anxiety vicariously through the suffering of my late wife (whose passing was unrelated to a heart condition). Yet, hers is a success story of healing using non-prescription supplements.

After surviving a life-threatening case of pneumonia and barely escaping an emergency procedure to insert a pacemaker, she was released from the hospital, dependent upon oxygen and prescription blood-thinners.

Determined to overcome her “A-fib”, she researched and found an answer in Dr. Rodger H. Murphree’s Web article, “Healthy Heart Facts”.

From that article, my late wife developed a regimen, and, after a few weeks of supplementation, her heart rhythm returned to normal—blood thinners and oxygen were no longer needed.

Here is the regimen she used:

Nutritional supplements regimen for treating atrial fibrillation and blood platelet clumping (adapted from Heart Disease: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You by Dr. Rodger H. Murphree):

  • hawthorne berries
    500 mg./day
  • magnesium citrate
    400 mg. three times/day
  • bromelain
    750 mg. three times/day
  • fish oil (tested for contaminants like mercury)
    9 grams/day
  • CoQ10
    100 mg./day


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